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big city love

eileen howard

An eclectic musical tribute to love and the city.  Jazz, funk, blues and Latin tunes, including original new works.

Eileen Howard


About Eileen:


Eileen Howard is one of those rare entertainers with the sensitivity and flair to deeply evoke the human condition in her work. She’s received accolades and awards as a singer, songwriter, and actress.  With entertaining flair and the gift of telling a story with every word, her concerts combine original jazz compositions,  wickedly funny selections from classic Blues, little known jazz gems, selections from The Great American Songbook, and passionate ballads.  


Eileen’s life has been quite an adventure and the resulting wisdom is revealed in her music. She’s moved 24 times and lived all over the world. As a child, she lived in the epicenter of Civil Rights movement in Chicago’s inner city ghetto and actually marched with Dr. King. She grew up in a radical leftist religious organization. And she’s been married for 38 years and raised two kids. 


In a conclusive and reflective moment, Eileen says:  “The whole point of entertainment is to touch people’s hearts. I’m a communicator, I like to tell stories, be it lost love or stories of joy, it’s cathartic for people and connects my heart to their heart.”









On tap here are seven beautiful covers and standards with Howard offering four originals of her own in a nice package of jazz, funk and blues performed with a core quartet rhythm section...Armed with a vocal instrument that's quite appealing, Howard lays down the lyrics with moments of passion...Eileen Howard lets it all hang out with a stylish performance on Big City Love, completing a session of standard love songs, all in a jazz vocal tribute to a city and a man that have earned a special place in her heart, well done!   

Edward Blanco, All About Jazz



This lady is a singer, composer, arranger and one who makes you believe the words she is singing.  Behind her are some of New Yorks finest all contributing to this rather special bite of the Big Apple. The final track sums it up - But Beautiful!  Eileen's version of Sunday in New York should be adopted by the city's tourist board!   

Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here


Big as the city is itself is Howard's personality..Howard's lyrics are witty, her delivery certain... a Samba-flavored wet kiss for the Big Apple.   Stunning is the closing "But Beautiful."

C. Michael Bailey, Jazz Quanta


Howard has produced an impressive ode to New York and the power of an enduring relationship. 

Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz



Tracks and Credits:

1. Big City, by Marvin L. Jenkins, arr. Michael Raye
2. Home is You, by Eileen Howard
3. New York, New York , by Fred Ebb, John Kander, arr. Eileen Howard
4. Till Now, by Thomas O’Connell, arr. Michael Raye
5. Sunday in New York, by Peter Nero, Carroll Coates,  arr. Michael Raye 
6. I’ll Take it All, by Derek Gregor, Sam Carner
7. Love Can Change, by Eileen Howard
8. Manhattan, by Lorenz Hart, Richard Rogers, arr. Eileen Howard
9. Absent Without Leave, by Eileen Howard
10. In Tune, by Eileen Howard
11. But Beautiful, by Johnny Burke. Jimmy Van Heusen


Michael Raye - keyboard

Nat Janoff - guitar

Eddy Khaimovich - electric and acoustic basses

Darrell Smith - drums

Daniel Bennett - sax, flute

Matthew Owens - trumpet


  • WDNA Miami FL

  • WSAX Columbus, OH

  • BRCFP (UK)

  • WCBE, Columbus

  • WGRN, Columbus

  • WEMU Michigan

  • Spotify

  • Pandora

  • Bay Jazz Radio

New York, New York

Liner notes

by Marcia Hillman, Jazz Journalist:


Eileen Howard is having a love affair…..with New York City! The vocalist/songwriter, who has called many places her home in her lifetime, moved to NYC in 2012 and promptly fell in love with her new hometown and her life in it.


Howard came to New York from the Midwest where her singing career blossomed by singing at various blues and jazz festivals and in an assortment of clubs and concerts. She has garnered a host of favorable reviews for her live performances and for her past four albums. In this, her fifth CD, she has chosen to celebrate her feelings with a collection of eleven songs – seven of which are familiar. The rest are her own original compositions (“Home Is You”, “Love Can Change”, “Absent Without Leave” and “In Tune”). The familiar material includes some of the best known ‘about New York City’ songs – Rodgers and Hart’s “Manhattan”, “Sunday In New York” and Kander and Ebb’s iconic “New York, New York”. Howard is also responsible for the arrangements of her originals and for the refreshing Latinized treatment of the aforementioned “New York, New York”.


She is accompanied here by a strong rhythm section comprised of Michael Raye on keyboard, guitarist Nat Janoff, bassist Eddy Khaimovich and drummer Darrell Smith; enhanced with contributions by Daniel Bennett on sax and flute and trumpeter Matthew Owens on several of the tracks.


With this latest offering, Eileen Howard continues to reach her listening audience with her storytelling ability by singing from the heart with her powerful, melodious voice. Enjoy!     

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