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A c t i n g R e v i e w s

IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU (Mimsy/Aunt Sheila) Out of Box Theatre, Atlanta

Eric Lang and Eileen Howard, double-cast as workers at the wedding venue and as quirky relatives of the bride, add gobs and gobs of comedy to both sets of roles.

Eric Lang and Eileen Howard are a total hoot as Albert's minions (and a few other characters).

MRS SCHRODINGER'S CAT (Judith), New York International Fringe Festival

Landlady Judith is the strongest of the bunch. She's quirky, lovely, and someone you'd want to sit in the heat with. Eileen Howard had an immeasurable heart to give. 

             Theater in the Now​

Howard makes the woefully naive Judith uproariously hilarious at times.                            Theater Pizzazz

​A NEW BRAIN (Mother), Gallery Players
..the most vivid performance was delivered by Eileen Howard as Gordon’s controlling mother. Howard has a great voice, too, that lifts all of her songs.                                              The Columbus Dispatch


​RUMORS (Claire), SRO Theater Company
Most impressive are Eileen Howard and Larry Cole as Claire and Lenny Ganz. Howard conveys dry wit with elegant economy,                      

The ​Columbus Dispatch​


​FROM DOOR TO DOOR (Director), Gallery Players
Gallery Players takes an affectionate approach laceed with warm humor to the area premier of From Door to Door.  Under Eileen Howard's direction, all three actresses skillfully navigate the many flashbacks...Gallery Players can take pride in its 62nd season opener.          

The Columbus Dispatch​


​JERRY'S GIRLS (Woman 2), SRO Theater Company ​

Eileen Howard's passionate singing ranks high among the rare peaks of showmanship....Howard uses her lovely voice on If He Walked Into My Life and It Only Takes a Moment     

The Columbus Dispatch  

​THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR (Mistress Ford), Actors' Theatre
Eileen Howard and Robin Christopherson are wonderful as the two wives who plot Falstaff's well-deserved comuppance.... Howard, down to earth, projects the fun-loving temperament and grounded practicality of a loving housewife.                                                                                                      The Columbus Dispatch

Robin Christopherson and Eileen Howard as Mistresses Page and Ford, respectively, are just delightful to watch.                                                                                                                                  ​


Veteran performers Eileen Howard and Ted Amore ably represent the older generation who have the experience and humor to mentor the young and add a touch of cool.  Howard and Orlino are the strongest singers...Howard’s rich voice dominates her duets with the men while lending poignant depths to her best solos.    

​The Columbus Dispatch

​DEAF DAY (Mother), 2Co's Cabaret (Shadowbox Live):
​Especially good is "Deaf Day"…in which Howard nails the range of emotions felt by the mother of a shy child with a hearing impairment.    

                The Other Paper

Howard's performance makes it one of the evening's highlights.  She projects loving patience and amusing frustration while blending vivid sign language and cajoling words.  Howard is so convincing in her reactions that you can almost imagine a child.                The Columbus Dispatch

THE MIDLIFE CRISIS OF DIONYSUS (Gladys, Psychiatrist) 2Co's Cabaret (Shadowbox Live)
Eileen Howard, a popular actress and singer on the local theater scene, is a guest star at 2Co's Cabaret, acting up a storm and singing down the roof...Howard is a hoot as Gladys, the voice of common sense.                                                                                                    Columbus Alive

​THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG (Gorgeous) Gallery Players

Her most recent coup was her stunning portrayal of Gorgeous ….Combining riotous humor with lump-in-throat pathos, Howard gave some scenes that are often smothered in stereotype an emotional panorama that was at once larger-than-life and completely life-like. electrifying impact on theater audiences.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Columbus Alive


​BLUE PLATE SPECIAL (Della), Metro Music Theatre
Eileen Howard's warm, earthy diner owner is the show's salvation, making the other actors' quircky flights of fancy even funnier.

​The Columbus Dispatch ​

Eileen Howard gives a nicely restrained performance as Della, owner of the Tennessee diner where the action takes place....Musical highlights include Howard's I'm Going to Miss Those Tennessee Nights.                                                                                                                                 The Other Paper

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