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C o u r t y a r d  C o n c e r t s

During the pandemic shut down, the Eileen Howard band pioneered providing apartment residents  live music from a safe distance. Picked up by 11-Alive, and then expanded by AMLI, it was a raging success! In fact, AMLI  implemented the model in many of their other locations.

We now offer apartments, condominiums and retirement villages great live music, while residents enjoy the fun from balconies, porches or at safe social distance in courtyards and pool areas. Enjoy vocalist entertainer Eileen Howard's critically acclaimed, joyful and fun concerts.

Our small combo offers enjoyable upbeat standards and originals to make your residents happy, at a moderate price that won't break your budget.

Call 646-470-5367 to discuss your venue and needs or Contact via email.

P r e s s 


T e s t i m o n i a l s

I'm so thankful that you started all  [these concerts]. Corporate has actually gotten on board because of you and we are implementing these shows at so many AMLI's in Atlanta, Austin, Chicato and California. All because of you!  Megan, Marketing AMLI

Comments from Residents:

This was the highlight of our COVID-19 shelter in place!    

Amazing! So wonderful and uplifting.

I wish they would do these concerts all summer.

My fiance and I want to go to all of your shows from here on out. Thank you so much!

I lucked out really. I just walked out on my balcony and sat and listened to an hour long set. I hope she has another one soon.

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